“We go south.”

zen rocks denoting weight of physical impact of coronavirus
This will be a year-long program designed for licensed therapists, healers, coaches, and anyone who is dedicated to correcting the psyche of individuals. There will be a three-hour virtual session per month. During this time advanced knowledge, techniques and tools will be shared that Dr. Siri has utilized over his 40-year career to forward insight, purify consciousness and transform individuals into a heightened, healed state.

In working on imbalances within the spiritual, mental, and emotional arenas, Dr. Siri has seen clients shift in the physical realm:

• Behavior changes
• Relationship success

• Career elevation
• Financial gain

In addition, he has, also, at times been privy to the miraculous disappearance of symptoms in the physical body. Individuals to whom the medical doctors have said, “there is nothing we can do” or “your symptoms are completely emotionally based” have, as a last resort, landed in Dr. Siri’s practice. There was the cancer patient who the medical doctors sent home to die but when Dr. Siri employed the Cellular Memory Transformation to her traumatic experience from having been abandoned by her three children, her cancer, surprisingly, went into remission.

A lot of therapeutic modalities work horizontally;
however, the work that we will teach will be vertical.
As the scholar, James Hillman said,
“we go south.”

With this work, we are looking for the cause of the symptoms; we are not simply treating the symptom. We actively listen, we hear what the client says as well as what the client does not say, we go into family of origin, we process the invisible guests, we are looking for the cell from which all miseries have spawn.

The main transformative technique Dr. Siri has employed, he has conveniently labeled, “Cellular Memory Transformation,”. At no time does Dr. Siri touch the client; he simply situates the client within the Unconscious thru breath exercises, visualization and words as repressed memories are release. The technique of Cellular Memory Transformation is a unique synthesis of rebirthing, pranayama, meditation, mantra yoga, active imagination and chakra cleansing. It is time to pass it on!!!

During this 12-month course, Dr. Siri will share the techniques of
Cellular Memory Transformation:

• Releasing parental introjects/emotional trauma,
• Contacting the imaginal opposite,
• Accessing personal divine guides,
• Finding the power animal

• Implementation of elemental transfiguration,
• Conceptual life progression exercise,
• Heart cave discovery,
• Color therapy
• And much more.

Participants will learn from witnessing Dr. Siri employ the techniques as well as participants will be forwarded the opportunity to practice with their fellow students.


This one-year program convenes on the 2nd Sunday of
every month for three hours on Zoom.

Monthly payments for the Healing Course will be $225.00 per month totaling $2,700.00 for 12 months.

If paid in full upfront for the 12 months there will be a $200 reduction for a total of $2,500.00.

Classes start on
May 7, 2023, and the 1st Sunday for 3 hours at 11am PST/2 pm EST.

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