zen rocks denoting weight of physical impact of coronavirus

The Physical Impact of the Coronavirus

The Physical Impact of the Coronavirus Allow us to employ the phenomenological methodology to gain insight into the ramifications of the coronavirus on the physical aspect of being. Suddenly, we have been flooded with the phrase “social distancing.” At first, we were told not to gather with any more than 10 people present; now we…

Spirituality in coronavirus reflection

The Spirituality of the Coronavirus

The Spirituality of the Coronavirus Anything that is mysterious, unseen, intangible and unknown is God. And if we indeed are able to embrace this perspective in relationship to the horrific coronavirus pandemic, we, then, have to understand that this COVID-19 is the veritable God itself. What an unsettling thought that this pandemic which is spreading…

Real communication around the table

REAL Communication

REAL Communication We are talking about communication. And what you have to realize is that if the other person does not get it, it cannot be considered communication. You simply opened your mouth and some words came out. The greatest mistake we make is that we think it’s all about logic. It really unnerves me…

Money is Paper!

Money is paper! If you are having money problems, check and see if the paper in your home is in disarray and disorganized. Money is paper. Organize the paper in your home and you will have consciously decided to get your money scene together. Mo’ paper will begin to come to you when you show…

The Atlantic


Music is often talked about as a form of therapy—after all a DJ can, as Indeep told us, save a life from a broken heart. It’s also often said that making music is like visiting a shrink.

The New Yorker


Last year, Freddie Gibbs, a thirty-four-year-old rapper from Gary, Indiana, was accused of dribbling a few beads of liquid tranquilizer into a young woman’s cocktail and sexually assaulting her while she was incapacitated.

New York Times


Almost all celebrities aim for an impregnable public image, one that can hold up to any assault. But in this era of 24-7-365 mythmaking, the most visionary ones understand the value and uses of weakness, too.