Siri Sat Nam Singh, MA, MFT, Ph.D 
Siri Sat Nam (LMFT) has worked in innumerable social service agencies as Clinical Director, Supervisor and Therapist as well as having conducted workshops throughout America and Europe.

As a therapist he is warm, sensitive and most insightful. Among his assets is his ability to engender calm to clients of different ethnicities, social strata, sexual and religious orientations. A host of his clients have been honored with Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards.

Siri Sat Nam is humanistic in his theoretical orientation; consequently he sits as a most empathic and active listener, while his deep insight and keep perception hover throughout the session. As the humanistic approach diminishes the influence of the past on the present life situation, the psychodynamic perspective is utilized to deepen understanding. Breath work is sometimes incorporated in sessions to further effect a calmness of mind and an elevation of mood.

∙ Marital/relation problems
∙ Substance abuse
∙ Depression
∙ Difficult-to-incurable diseases (cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc.)
∙ Sexual addictions
∙ Disorders
∙ Identity issues
∙ Severe emotional problems (panic attacks, suicidal ideation, etc.)
∙ Spiritual concerns.

∙ “You saved my marriage!”

∙ “I have been to 27 different therapists and you were the only one to get at the root of my problem.”

∙ “Thank you for all the help you’ve given me towards following my heart.”

∙ “Thanks Siri. I could not have gone through this alone.”

∙ “Your talent is as real as the sun, moon, and stars.”

∙ “I am aware when I started working with you that my career went up!”